Jun. 3rd, 2010

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1 - new Soul Shards! I have two bag-driven professions, hence limited space, and those Soul Shards are beginning to get on my wick now. It'd also be nice not to have to carry three to get my demon/soulstone/healthstone back every time I die.

2 - Archaeology! It sounds like an interesting profession and it'll help keep Sybeth going in-character after the Lich King's gone (poor vengeful little ghoul, she'll have nothing to do without the Scourge to hate on).

3 - flying mounts in Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms (and attendent revamp of Undercity to make it more interesting on the surface/more flyer-accessible).

4 - Worgen! The RPer in me is dreading what's likely to occur, but it's nice to have an Alliance race other than the Draenei that I'm actually vaguely interested in. They'll liven up Silverpine no end, their starting area and general vaguely Victorian look is Relevant To My Interests and I look forward to their conflict with the Forsaken no end (and it'll give Sybeth something else to do with herself).

5 - higher level cap = more talent points, and Blizzard have been sensible and allotted those points for increased flexibility within trees rather than creating new high-end stuff to chase and lock into. I also like the idea that just having points in a tree will net you some characteristic bonuses (means some of the boring ones that just add x% extra damage or whatever can presumably be replaced with something more fun).

What are you looking forward to in Cataclysm?

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