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1 - new Soul Shards! I have two bag-driven professions, hence limited space, and those Soul Shards are beginning to get on my wick now. It'd also be nice not to have to carry three to get my demon/soulstone/healthstone back every time I die.

2 - Archaeology! It sounds like an interesting profession and it'll help keep Sybeth going in-character after the Lich King's gone (poor vengeful little ghoul, she'll have nothing to do without the Scourge to hate on).

3 - flying mounts in Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms (and attendent revamp of Undercity to make it more interesting on the surface/more flyer-accessible).

4 - Worgen! The RPer in me is dreading what's likely to occur, but it's nice to have an Alliance race other than the Draenei that I'm actually vaguely interested in. They'll liven up Silverpine no end, their starting area and general vaguely Victorian look is Relevant To My Interests and I look forward to their conflict with the Forsaken no end (and it'll give Sybeth something else to do with herself).

5 - higher level cap = more talent points, and Blizzard have been sensible and allotted those points for increased flexibility within trees rather than creating new high-end stuff to chase and lock into. I also like the idea that just having points in a tree will net you some characteristic bonuses (means some of the boring ones that just add x% extra damage or whatever can presumably be replaced with something more fun).

What are you looking forward to in Cataclysm?

Date: 2010-06-03 10:58 am (UTC)
gamera: a complicated concept called aggro: the healer dies (OMG ASSCLOWNS)
From: [personal profile] gamera
This is a great idea for a meme. :D

(1) Mind Spike. Shadow priests desperately need that nuke. (Especially since I'm really, really leery of what's been announced for discipline priests specifically and healers in general so far, so my priest may switch to DPS. Life Grip is so much do not want.)

(2) HUNTERS NOT USING MANA. I want this to happen early. (Though hopefully if they do that, the talents in Marksmanship that use intellect will also be changed so my hunter can pretend intellect as a stat does not exist.)

(3) Updated racials! The goblin and worgen ones are really neat (the goblin ones in particular are really fun), and I can't wait to see what the other races get to make them comparable.

(4) More race/class choices. While the one I was really hoping for (blood elf druid) did not come to pass, there are some really neat combinations coming. I totally need a dwarf shaman in my life.

(5) Basically everything announced so far for fire mages. I was tickled to death at the preview for that spec (my main is a frostfire mage). I can be an obnoxious, life-tapping idiot who annoys the healer now, too! :D (Seriously, though, I'm hoping warlock turns out well, too. An expansion that does not continue their bizarre synergy of one class nerfed into unplayability and the other capable of facerolling would be great.)

Date: 2010-06-04 08:06 am (UTC)
gamera: (Default)
From: [personal profile] gamera
I meant that to refer to a specific subset of bad warlocks, not the class as a whole. That wording was unclear and I apologize.

Date: 2010-06-04 04:21 pm (UTC)
gamera: a complicated concept called aggro: the healer dies (OMG ASSCLOWNS)
From: [personal profile] gamera
Sorry, heh, I'm still in recovery from the old mage/warlock fights on the official forums.

As for the priest part: I'm definitely still nervous! My priest is a discipline healer (actually, I'd just gotten out of an instance with an awful, failtastic lock of the "I'm not out of mana until you're out of mana, also who needs to jump during the fight with Keristrasza? Not me! Fail healer did not heal DPS through the debuff!" variety, which explains why my mind went to ARGH WARLOCK WHYYYY places when it did), and Blizzard throwing around ideas like "we want shielding to be less attractive than healing" and homogenizing holy and discipline make me really angry. I pretty much had a rage blackout about the priest preview, actually!

Date: 2010-06-03 02:59 pm (UTC)
gramina: Photo of a stalk of grass; Gramina references the graminae, the grasses (Default)
From: [personal profile] gramina
I haven't paid a *lot* of attention to Cataclysm, because I'm still fairly new (one lvl-80 character, one *almost* lvl-30, and the rest all around 20-or-less) and trying to figure out how to use the *current* rules -- but --

I'm really looking forward to more lore, and to seeing the changes; this will (see first paragraph) be the first time I've been playing at the time an expansion hit.

Archaeology if only because of, hello, more lore :)

New races more in principle than practice: I still don't really have a good feel for most of the existing races (dwarves and tauren are the only ones I've played enough to get a good feel for). Still :) More Backstories!

Flying in Eastern and Kalimdor -- it has *never* made sense to me that one can fly in Northrend and not Eastern or Kalimdor. (What, the gravity/air pressure/? are different? On the same *planet*??? It's like having planes that work in Asia but not in Africa. o.O?)

And, of course, the higher level cap, new Places To Go, and such. I only have the one lvl-80, but I haven't been enjoying it as much as I'd hoped -- apparently I really prefer being able to do things that don't require coordinating with nine of your friends or, worse, nine random strangers. So while I'm sure there will be lots of new raids/instances, there should (? I would hope?) be new quests with actual reason-to-do-them, too.

Date: 2010-06-03 11:45 pm (UTC)
jack_of_none: (World of Lolcraft)
From: [personal profile] jack_of_none
1 -- Soul Shard revamp. Gets rid of my bag full of shards (yay!) and seems like it'll add a neat strategic element to the class. Also, will help to distinguish them a little more, gameplay-wise, from shadow priests and mages.

2 -- Goblins! I'm gonna be rolling a tiny little gobbo hunter with a HUGE FUCKING GUN and it'll be awesome (I just need to pick out a suitable pet). RPing a gunslingng goblin is gonna be awesome. Also, pet bank.

3 -- The Forsaken getting an architecture revamp to more resemble their Northrend towns. I love the new undead-specific architecture and the brief glimpse I got of the new Brill preserves everything I loved about it. Tesla coils on the inn! Purple and green cobblestones and curlicues and spikes! Giant tables of half-finished abominations ready to be brought to life with unholy science, right out in the street!

4 -- The Barrens blowing up. I might have to throw a party for this. Like, in real life.

5 -- Equipable top hats. My only regret is that you can't combine them with a monocle.

Date: 2010-06-04 08:08 am (UTC)
gamera: a complicated concept called aggro: the healer dies (OMG ASSCLOWNS)
From: [personal profile] gamera
The Barrens blowing up. I might have to throw a party for this. Like, in real life.

I'm actually sort of convinced that Barrens chat will grow two heads from this, like a hydra, and rise up stronger than before. >_>

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