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Author's Note: part of the previous entry did not actually happen; Sybeth did not make it to Undercity.

I'd been dead for five weeks when they found me. Five weeks of fumbling around the woods, blind except when the bastard imp has the courtesy to navigate for me; five weeks of fending off overzealous crusaders with designs on ending my poor existence.

The first Forsaken to show me any sort of compassion was a man in armour; his name was Adeirid, and he told me about the Enveloping Dusk. They're Forsaken, but they haven't forgotten the value of friends - they're strong, but they haven't forgotten that everyone's weak sometimes. There's something about the name that I like. It obscures, and yet it welcomes; like the night, it has a certain inevitability to it that appeals to me.

He told me of Sylvanas - the leader of the Forsaken - and I felt such strength in her, such will to meet the world on her terms or die trying.

He led me through the room where the fall of humankind began. Teranas' throne was surrounded by ghosts, and memories. It should have appalled me, should have disgusted me, brought up every memory of the Scourge I fought against.

It thrilled me.

Below, in the City itself - and what a place it is! what a wonder! - Adeirid took me to meet his mistress, his leader, an orc named Kentria. I think she was dead too - she didn't smell like the orcs I fought in my old life. She was crueller than he was, but they both agreed on something I'd not yet considered.

I'll never grow older. I'll never die, unless something kills me. If I'm careful, I have forever in front of me - all the time in the world, to learn all there is to learn in the world. I spent my life pursuing knowledge, and the power that comes with it. It seems appropriate that I continue that in death - the Enveloping Dusk have offered me a place in their ranks, said they'll help me if they can.

I've already been helping them in the two weeks since then - they wanted an artefact, something elven that they needed for a spell they were placing on one of the orcs occupying their city, and my memories of life in the Alliance helped them find it - and tonight, one of them did something amazing for me.


Amoei's an engineer. She's made me new eyes - a pair of enchanted goggles that let me see without relying on capricious little demons. Admittedly I'm colourblind - everything's shades of red - and I can't exactly see very far, but I can see!

The second thing I saw was a greenskin thug who's apparently convinced I'm plotting to bring down the Horde - that's unfair, actually, he thinks all Forsaken are plotting to bring down the Horde, not just me - but frankly I don't even care about that. Not least because the first thing I saw was wonderful, wonderful Amoei...

And then I ran off to explore the Undercity, and the surface. I confess, dear journal, that I may have indulged in a little theatricality...


I will show them I am worthy. I have conquered fear before. I have ventured into territory that would make the stoutest heart cold and still. I survived thirteen years in Stormwind hiding my talents under a mask of meek obedience, survived the war against the Scourge, survived countless expeditions gone wrong and turned to bloodshed.

I am Sybeth Starkadder - adventurer, warlock, absolute bloody genius - I can turn a grown man's head inside out with terror and kill him with his own shadow. And now I'm undead. I can walk the Undercity with my head held high and know that no passing priest or paladin will strike me down for what I am, for what I've chosen to be. I have eternity ahead of me. And I'm so damn terrifying I even scare myself.

I could learn to live with this.
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