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Author's Note: part of the previous entry did not actually happen; Sybeth did not make it to Undercity.

I could get used to this. )
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To (partially) restore her sight through magical means, or to not?

On the one hand, this is a fantasy world where that sort of thing is possible. She'll be going into battle, and I can't imagine that even the Forsaken would say that someone who falls over her own feet on a regular basis should be committed to combat.

On the other hand, well, it's disability erasure fail, isn't it? To include and represent is to perpetuate, and, well, I really should be above that sort of obvious unpleasantness.

Answers on a comment, if you have any.
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Fandom: World of Warcraft
Rating: PG13/T/eventually M for generalized unpleasantness involving the living dead, plus random bits of non-explicit violence and nudity.
Disclaimer: World of Warcraft and all concepts belonging thereto are the property of Activision/Blizzard. I profiteth not. But unless you're intending to pony up some royalties, my original characters belong to me. I don't care what your EULA says.
Author's Notes: Light's Promise is an Argent Dawn mobile hospital unit whose tribulations and activities figure into my guild's in-game roleplaying. This is (part) of their story. Contains not-precisely-canonical trollish loa and my stab at addressing, in an In Character way, what corpse-running actually constitutes. First (long) chapter in projected 7 - 8 chapter fic. Set immediately after the Scourge siege of Orgrimmar at the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King. Link goes to AO3.

The siege of Orgrimmar was over...
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I recall I was in Southshore at the time. It was morning... early morning, cold and bright and clear. There were rumours of activity over the hills in Tarren Mill, but as the locals said, there were always rumours of activity in Tarren Mill. Perhaps there'd be a skirmish by the tower, once in a while someone would creep into the other town and burn a few buildings or kill a few people before someone stopped them, but mostly the rumours remained just that.

On the morning I died, the rumours became true.

The first thing I sensed was the thud of catapult projectiles; the second, a hiss, and the stink of some filth in the air. I confess, my first thought was to run to the kitchen and see what they'd burnt this time, but one look downstairs proved me very, very wrong. All I could see through the windows was green - glowing, spitting green fog. I'd heard stories about the Wrathgate, the terrible weapons the Forsaken had used against living and undead Scourge alike, but hearing stories and actually being able to smell the foul stuff creeping through the walls are very, very different things.

I wove a water-breathing charm around myself - first thing I thought of - and ran outside. People were stumbling about amidst the gloomy mist, shrieking and clutching their throats as their flesh rotted off them. And then they came out of the mist, laughing their dead, hollow laughter, clattering their bones on their weapons.


Let's make something clear right from the start: I'm not a hero. I've walked with heroes, fought with heroes, but I'm not like them. What I've done, I've done for knowledge, or for power, or now and again for my own safety. What power I have, I've had to keep secret; no matter what use they put us to, the grand Alliance is not overly fond of felmancers, and calling on demonic power in the middle of an Allied township is a short route to a quick death.

I'd rather risk a hanging than face certain death on the battlefield, though, and so I fought - tried to fight my way clear. I called up what power I could and turned it against them - dead flesh blackened in flame, shadows loomed out of the mist and twisted dead bones apart - but it wasn't enough. There were other powers I could have drawn on, other cards I could have played, but the forbidden words that would change me into something that might just escape the ruin of Southshore stumbled on my lips as a fresh canister of that awful gas came crashing down on the cart beside me.

Couldn't stop myself: I took a breath to cry out. My eyes throbbed, and the skin around my mouth began to blister. My charm was failing. I tried to pull myself out of the wreckage, tried to free my hands to cast the spell again, but the words caught on my lips even as my lips turned to burning dust and sloughed away.

No voice left to scream with, no-one alive left to hear it. Darkness took me - burning, roaring darkness of a sort I'd hoped to reserve for my enemies.

And then, two days later, I woke up.


-- first entry in the memoirs of Sybeth Starkadder (Deceased).
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1 - new Soul Shards! I have two bag-driven professions, hence limited space, and those Soul Shards are beginning to get on my wick now. It'd also be nice not to have to carry three to get my demon/soulstone/healthstone back every time I die.

2 - Archaeology! It sounds like an interesting profession and it'll help keep Sybeth going in-character after the Lich King's gone (poor vengeful little ghoul, she'll have nothing to do without the Scourge to hate on).

3 - flying mounts in Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms (and attendent revamp of Undercity to make it more interesting on the surface/more flyer-accessible).

4 - Worgen! The RPer in me is dreading what's likely to occur, but it's nice to have an Alliance race other than the Draenei that I'm actually vaguely interested in. They'll liven up Silverpine no end, their starting area and general vaguely Victorian look is Relevant To My Interests and I look forward to their conflict with the Forsaken no end (and it'll give Sybeth something else to do with herself).

5 - higher level cap = more talent points, and Blizzard have been sensible and allotted those points for increased flexibility within trees rather than creating new high-end stuff to chase and lock into. I also like the idea that just having points in a tree will net you some characteristic bonuses (means some of the boring ones that just add x% extra damage or whatever can presumably be replaced with something more fun).

What are you looking forward to in Cataclysm?
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So, uh. I've been playing WoW for a while now (my mains are on Maelstrom, with some lowbie alts on Wyrmrest Accord), but I've never been in the actual Warcraft FANDOM. And as it is, I'm kinda lost.

I'm curious, and I'm not sure where else to pose a question like this, so here goes.

Where does one go to find WoW fanfiction? Outside of FF.net of course, which has a disproportionate signal-to-noise ratio. I'm particularly interested in slash, Forsaken, female characters not sucking, and cultural worldbuilding stuff, but honestly I'm pretty easy to please.

Do you have any particular favorites you want recommend? Not fishing for recs, I'm just curious. Hell, link your own fic if you like. :D
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cut for length )
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Just saying hi --

I'm on Shadowsong, running mostly Alliance although I have one Horde character. Right now I'm focusing mostly on leveling my main (Dwarven Paladin by the name of Bedin, allllmost 74 as I type!) so as to be able to run instances/raids with a friend who's probably only going to be playing much for the next couple-three months, after which there will be a baby and so, yeah, less WoW time. But yay baby!!!!!

I do have a bunch of alts I figure to level starting earlyish next year, and would love to say hi to anyone who's on Shadesong, or just get tips :) Bedin's my first character, so I still have a lot to learn.

Glad to see the community -- I hope it takes off!

RP Servers

Sep. 8th, 2009 01:48 pm
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Hey folks.

I don't think I've posted here yet, so hi. I currently play on Maelstrom, which is RPPVP...in theory. In reality, I had a small group of RPers that I played with who have mostly since quit the game, and the place is such an RP wasteland that I'm having a hell of a time finding a new group of people to play with.

So, um, I figure a few of you are on RP or RPPVP servers. I guess this is Pimp Your Realm time ^^; How's the RP community on your server, Horde-side? Are there any RPPVP servers where the PVP hasn't completely eaten the RP?


May. 22nd, 2009 12:03 pm
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Ever had them? You know, the process where you go from muttering "This spell is useless" to "Oh, wow!" and sometimes "SWEET MYSTERY OF LIFE AT LAST I'VE FOUND YOUUUU!"

I've had at least a couple, mostly with mages, but with other classes. Not sheep (I started with someone on a 60 mage who told me sheep was wonderful and to use it), but Mana Shield. It protected, but it ate mana. What was the point? So I didn't use it for nearly thirty levels.

Same with Counterspell, though that had more to do with timing than anything else. Far Sight on my shaman, and the ability that removes buffs, same story as my mage. Took me far longer than it should have to realize how underrated they are.

Roll Call!

May. 9th, 2009 02:01 pm
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So, where is everyone, and who are you?

I'm on Ravenholdt (RPPVP), Kael'thas (PVE), Cenarion Circle (RP), and Coilfang (PVP). I'm on more servers (I have a bad, bad case of alt-itis), but those are the servers with my most active toons.

Right now I play Kiraleen (Ravenholdt, 42 BE mage) the most, with the alts on that server right behind her. Wynruelle (Kael'thas, 76 human mage) is my raider and is slowly being leveled to 80.

I started on Alliance, and Alliance will always have a touch more love than Horde because of that. Add in the fact that I loathe the Horde starting areas, BEs being the sole exception, and Alliance's current 'underdog' status.

Anyone else?
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 I created a Horde toon, a Forsaken Mage called "Abrakadaver" to play with friends over there. She's only level 9 as of this writing. If you're there pop on over and say hi, or create a toon to play with us. 
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